World Book Day

Somehow with all of the excitement of the snow here I missed world book day – but never the less, I love reading so I don’t think posting this the day after will hurt too much.

I’ve loved reading since forever – I remember I used to keep a flashlight under my bed so after Mom & Dad tucked me in I could read under the covers as a kid. Of course I thought I was so secretive, but now as an adult I realize that flashlight never ran out of batteries – haha I wonder how that happened. When I lived in the US I would go to goodwill all the time picking up new books for $1 – to the point I had boxes and boxes of them. I never wanted to give them up because I always dreamed of having a library full of books.

Now that I’m living overseas I am seeing the benefit of not having boxes and boxes of books. It makes moving easier and cheaper – plus my back hurts a lot less! Unfortunately having fewer books in the house hasn’t quenched my thirst for reading – enter Audible.

I figured I would give it a try – the first book is free, so why not. I am now happy to say I am hooked! I pay about £8 a month/$10 a month for 1 credit which I can use to buy any priced book. You also have the option of buying books without credits – like I did today because they we’re having an awesome sale.

Check out the sale here

On top of these awesome books I picked up today for £11/$15 I have also discovered my new favorite author and one of his books is on super sale! His name is Nick Spalding and he writes some of the funniest books I’ve ever read. The ones that are available on audible are enhances as they’re being read by amazing actors so its a bit like a movie or show rather then a book – but you can do it anywhere. The first book of his I read was Fat Chance (on sale!) and since then I’ve read 3 other of his books with one more on my “to buy next” list. Even better he’s got a new book due out soon!

If you want to celebrate world book day by trying an audio book, and you like the look of any of them that I’ve mentioned let me know! I can send you your first book for free with Audible!