Keto – I’m Eating What

Keto is a high fat, adequate protein, low carb, no sugar lifestyle eating plan… better known as a diet. A friend of mine back in the US said she was doing it and had had a lot of success, so I did a little research. And when you look up the recipes of the things you’re encouraged to eat and they include butter, double cream, avocados, steak, eggs and peanut butter I thought I’d died and gone to heaven! I don’t know of any diets that encourage you to add butter to your veggies or want you to pour that bearnaise sauce over your morning eggs. So I thought why not- ┬áSteve and I eat pretty healthy as it is so this might feel like a nice change, and if it helps drop some pre wedding weight – awesome!

Today is day 3 of Keto No Cheats as I’m calling it – I tried to do it for a few weeks but I kept slipping up – hello sugar and carb addiction! So for this week and next I am 100% in. So far I feel hungry all the time… wrraaarrrr… but I’m trying to stay positive that it will get easier. I’m pretty satisfied with the food – I mean c’mon! Last night I had chicken with a butter, bacon, spinach and heavy cream sauce! Yum. I made some zoodles (zucchini noodles) which were pretty yummy too so all in all not too bad! Tonight I’m planning on lemon butter salmon with zoodles!

After the two weeks we are off on holibobs – I still need to tell y’all where we’re off to – so we’re gonna have a break and enjoy the all inclusive life. Then when we get back we can make the call as to if we want to keep on it or try something else.

If we do decided to stick with it I’ll start sharing recipes etc on here – hopefully it won’t be hard to convert some of our favorite meals into keto friendly!


If this plan appeals to you let me know and we can be healthy eating buddies!