Writer’s Block

As you can see its been a while since I’ve “put pen to paper” and written on my blog. A part of it was I was getting bored. Writing just to write hasn’t ever been my thing-  I’m more of a chatty, 2 way street, discussion sort of person. So writing just one side of a conversation I’m having in my head is sort of odd.

Being lazy was another big part of it – coming up with ideas and content about things people might care about is harder then one thinks. I found myself “writing” posts in my head but I never bothered to record any of it.

Lastly, and probably the hardest to admit, and possibly for a reader to believe – I feel like my life isn’t exciting enough to warrant talking about it. Yes, I do live in another country – but its normal now. We live our normal life – work, cooking, sorting out the house. Plus the UK is pretty similar to the US so it’s not a massively drastic change. Honestly I find myself thinking a lot – who wants to read about my life – I work in an office 5 days a week, I cook at home most nights and we watch TV and Netflix. And not even interesting, controversial shows. I’m currently on season 3 of Bones watching it right through.

But since coming home from our holiday to the US, I’ve woken up to the fact that most people’s lives are a lot like mine and they blog about it. They have social media empires based on lives possibly more dreary then mine. And plus why not? If I can make my readers laugh on occasion or think, or just give them a break from their day to day to read about my day to day – then I will have done something.

Plus when I do get busy or get to do exciting things I can write about it here! So here’s to 2018 and blogging and instagramming and building my social media town (I’m a long way off from an empire).


The Heir, The Spare and The Spare

If you’re anything like me & you love the royals you’ve heard that Duchess Kate Middleton is pregnant with baby number 3! There is an official new prince or princess on the way!

The palace made the official announcement Monday as Kate had to miss an engagement due to morning sickness. So while she’s at home (in her palace!!) resting the rest of us are waiting for more baby news!


The growing royal family

Steve and I were in London when Princess Charlotte was born back in 2015. It wasn’t quite as big of a deal as I’m sure George was when he was born, but there were balloons and banners out and I’m sure a crowd at the palace and at the hospital. I’m not sure if we will be as lucky as last time and be in London for the birth but we will still have a glass of fizz to congratulate the little family with the new arrival is born.

I think it’s pretty safe to say, based on Kate & William as well as Charlotte and George we can expect another beautiful baby – boy or girl! So a massive congrats to the entire royal family from me & my tiny corner of the web!


This picture makes me laugh too! They are obviously amazing parents to their babies!

Are you excited for the royal baby news? Do you think number 3 will be their last?

Weird British Phrases

This past weekend I was skyping with my family back in the US and it was pointed out to me that I’ve picked up some weird british sayings. I was explaining to my dad and my sister that I was going out for a “leaving do” for some co-workers and wouldn’t be around to talk later that day. Of course this sentence sounds pretty normal to me, but they were both fascinated and  tickled by the phrase “leaving do”.

It occurred to me in the US we would call the same event a “going away party”. Here in the UK the term “Do” seems to have replaced the term party. They call the bachelorette party a “Hen Do” and the bachelor party a “Stag Do”. Or they leave out the “Do” all together and say “birthday drinks” or “leaving drinks” implying its a meet up at the local pub to celebrate.

Another strange one I find myself saying is “bog standard” which is a term for normal. I can confess that when I heard it first I thought it was “bob standard” and I said that for a long time – but I have learned the error of my ways. The weirdest part of this phrase is bog is an old word for toilette.

“Chockablock” is a term that Steve still can’t get his head around – but since I learned it when I was young its one I use a lot. It means full or really tightly packed. Like a crowded room would be “chockablock”. No idea where the term comes from – its just what we say.

Cheers! Brits say cheers for everything. When we first came over to look for a place to live we had lunch at a pub and the waiter said cheers when Steve handed him the menu back. The look of confusion on his face what so funny. As americans we think of cheers as a term said when you clink glasses together. Here in the UK its a replacement for yes, thanks and just general acknowledgment.

Now when I say to Steve that I’m going to call my parents I always say I’m going to “ring them”. It’s definitely not an american term but it’s pretty self explanatory – probably why no one has ever asked what I mean when I say it.

After 2 and a half years it shouldn’t surprise me that I’ve picked up some local lingo, but even now I still find myself having to guess when people use some terms. I think it’s just  a part of the expat experience.