Shop Till I Drop

As a women I feel it is my duty to love shopping. The fresh oxygen the stores pump in, the feel of the shopping cart in your hands, going straight to the sale rack in the back scanning for your size…

If you can’t tell I miss Target a lot. I mean I even miss the smell of the bathrooms!

Can we take a second and talk about this – Target bathrooms smell so darn good! This isn’t something I realized once I moved away, I always thought so. And they all smell the same no matter what store you visit. Maybe I just have a heightened sense of smell but I love it! Next time you visit facetime me take a moment to visit the restroom and take a whiff of the amazing smell!

Enough about how awesome Target bathrooms smell – let’s talk about my newest obsession.

Ali Express

If you’re anything like me you like a bargain. I mean a super, reduced twice and 20% employee discount bargain. That’s what I live for. Unfortunately the UK isn’t with me on this kinda thing. TK Maxx (our version of TJ Maxx) has cute stuff, but imagine they take away the $ on the price and put a £. Not good for the wallet. So after many hours of moping through stores here, missing the dollar section, and all the cute knick-knacks and tchotchkes I used to get super cheap at World Market I turned to the interwebs and discovered Ali Express.

It’s a bit like EBay and the dollar store had a Chinese baby in the least racist way possible. You can buy everything on Ali – from sneakers to pricey knock off designer bags, from seeds to alarm systems. And everything in between of course.

To date I have placed 155 orders – eek! I hope Steve isn’t reading this!

Here are some of my weird buys: