Thermal Bath Must Haves

Since we’re going to Germany to bring back a car load of beer my suitcase space is very limited – and thus my spa bag is also pretty small. But every women knows she can’t go a full day without some essentials, and I’m the same.

These are my Thermal Bath must haves

  1. Gopro – it’s the safest way to take photos for my blog & instagram
  2. External Battery – there aren’t many plugs inside so always good to have extra juice
  3. Birkenstock Pool Sandals – Mine are bright orange and they’re so comfortable!
  4. Lightweight Robe – If I’m feeling shy or its super cold outside
  5. Waterproof Phone Bag – better safe than sorry
  6. Yeti Tumbler – its important to stay hydrated and this keeps my water cold all day
  7. My Little Box Bag – this bag is so cool, it can blow up to be a pillow
  8. Dock & Bay Towel- lightweight, drys fast, folds up really small and is easy to recognize

ae6b7bb3-a8a9-4bd5-b99a-ea455a991dfe-original-e1504859338523Just a little brag on myself here – I saw Dock & Bay on the Dragon’s Den a year or more after I bought our towles from them. Great company & product – I can’t recommend them enough!

In addition to what I’ve listed above I’ll have boring things like my inhaler, chapstick, gum etc in my bag for the day – but who wants to read about that?

So this is my “day pack” for when we go to Thermal Spas – have you ever been? What special items do you bring?


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