Wish List

I think we all have a list of things we will buy for ourselves when we win the lottery or just have a paycheck that doesn’t need to go towards boring adult stuff. I know I do – most of them are trip or experiences but some times are physical items. So I figured I’d share them with you – with links of course in case you’ve got that extra money!


I found this company – Loly in The Sky because I bought my wedding shoes from them, and of course they have so many cute shoes I’m gushing over! But these are my top pick at the moment!

I have my eye on some new luggage as I want to start traveling with carryon luggage only – and a part of that means getting my personal item game tight. This is my current dream bag for that personal item – very retro but so perfect!


I have a major love of shoes but recently I’ve come to the realization that I need to pick comfort over style – why I wear Birkenstocks daily. But I’ve found a new shoe company Vionic who make very supportive and cute shoes – so of course I want a pair of these!


I am currently obsessed with this bag from Ked – the shoe brand! I think it would be a great tote when you have a lot of stuff or even a good overnight bag.


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