What Do You Like To Read

Dear readers – I’d like to think of you as an exclusive group of VIPs, but in truth I know there just aren’t very many of you. So as I continue to grow my online presence I’m turning to you for some advice, some feedback, some input.

What do you like to read? I don’t mean book wise, though I’m always up for a recommendation, but blog post wise?

Do you like coming to my blog and seeing loads of recipes and delicious meals you can make at home yourself?

Do you like advice posts – where I drop my $.02 in the ocean of opinions? If that’s what you like what do you want to know my opinion on?

Are you into the travel posts – not just photos when we get back from a trip but about traveling in general – what to pack, where to go?

Do you want to read more about wedding planning or my thoughts on trends and crazy wedding stuff?

Or are you a fan of expat life stories? Comparing the UK to the US in different ways?

Please let me know, dear readers, because my writers block is back with a vengeance!


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