Sunday is Soup Day

If you follow me on Instagram – which I highly recommend you do – you might have heard me mention that I was going to do a blog post on the meals I cooked this week. And since part of my 2018 goals is to adult, keeping my word seems to be an important part of adulting. So here is me, writing this post! Be proud!

So Sunday afternoon I did the food shop at Tesco and when we got home I started on a few meals. I like to make 2 or 3 things on Sunday so I dont have to cook as much during the week. It also ensures that there are leftovers for lunch that week.

This Sunday I made 2 soups – Leek & Potato and Tomato & Chorizo Soup along with my own vegetable stock. Unfortunately for me my crockpot died so I had to make the leek & potato soup on the stove – which turned out fine, it was just more work watching it etc.

I have scoured the internet for the chorizo and tomato soup recipie I use (cause you know I didn’t dream it up on my own) and I can’t find it. If you’re interested I’ll do a post with pictures etc of how I make mine. It’s super easy and it’s a nice change from standard tomato soup – it goes well with a fancy grilled cheese if you’re so inclined – this one is my favorite!

For the Leek & Potato soup – I followed the recipie & just doubled the carrots and celery to squeeze in more veggies. And I added an onion, because why not right? Otherwise it was as simple as taking it out of the crockpot when I realised it wasn’t getting hot and putting it in a big pot on the stove on low for about an hour. If I had known I was going to do it on the stove in the first place I would have browned the veggies first to add some extra flavor. Once it was cooked – a quick wiz with the hand blender. Easy, healthy and a crowd pleaser.


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