DIY Vegetable Stock

I’ve mentioned on Instagram a few times that I’ve started to make my own vegetable stock. It’s so easy and I feel like I’m wasting less food. Since I tend to buy a lot of fresh veggies to cook with I always have a bowl of scraps when I’m done that just go in the trash, which just felt wasteful. So now instead of buying bullion cubes (liquid stock isn’t very common here and when you find it it’s very expensive) I make my own. It’s so much easier than you think!

As with most of my brilliant ideas – I got some inspiration from buzzfeed. They opened my eyes to how I could use vegetable scraps to make my food taste even better.

So I now bag and freeze all of my scraps and maybe every 2-3 weeks I empty them into a big pot, fill it with water and let it cook for at least an hour. Depending on what’s in my fridge I often add some extra fresh veggies – an onion or shallot, some herbs etc. You don’t have to but it can help make room in your fridge for the next week’s groceries.

If you’re going to do this I suggest stocking up on some silicone ice cube trays. I have a bunch of holiday ones I use for making gifts but for the rest of the year they hold my stock. I find the silicone ones are easier to empty when cooking – but I use normal plastic ones too.

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