All American BBQ

What do you get when 2 americans,1 brazilian, 1 south african, 1 malaysian, 1 russian, 2 italian and 12 brits walk into a BBQ? A party. A big party – by small house UK standards. We had 18 of our nearest and dearest join us this past weekend to celebrate the 4th of july. It was by far our most international for the 4th yet – which made it extra delicious as everyone brought food to share.

We went all out and decorated the house with all of our red white and blue for the occasion. We had a photo booth out in the garden with props for silly pictures, a makeshift cooler for beers and I made some red white and blue rice crispy treats for everyone to enjoy.

Steve’s coworker who’s brazilian brought the most amazing meat from a london butcher and grilled chicken sausage, pork sausage and a giant hunk of steak which was some of the best I’d ever eaten!

Thanks to our amazing guests neither Steve or I spent more than 10 minutes in front of the grill – it was very much a group effort with everyone jumping up to cover it as burgers and hot dogs cooked.

Aspirational_540x540I brewed up a big jar of Pimms for everyone to enjoy and it was a major hit! Pimms is a very traditional british summer drink and its enjoyed everywhere from Wimbledon to Henley Regatta to summer tea parties and bbqs. The traditional recipie calls for lemonade which here in the UK is lightly carbonated and not as sweet as in the US. You mix the lemonade with the Pimms and add strawberries, oranges, cucumbers and mint leaves. It makes a very refreshing summer cocktail. I am not a fan of british lemonade so I make my Pimms with sprite for a sweeter, more bubbly drink. With a splash of bombay of course!

We even celebrated our friend Jess’s birthday while we were all together. Her fiance Ed brought a yummy chocolate cake to share and we all sang happy birthday while Jess blew out her candles and made her birthday wish.

All in all it was a very successful party and we look forward to hosting again next year for our 3rd annual 4th of July!


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