Happy 4th of July

Today marks our 3rd 4th of July here in the UK. It’s a bit odd being here for the 4th, since its such a big deal at home. Not that I’m expecting it to be a big deal here – I’m not one of those expats. I think its seeing all the festivities at home – parades and lake trips, 10ks and fireworks. Plus there is no UK equivalent. They don’t celebrate St George’s day (English version of St Patrick’s day), they never gained their independence from anyone because they were always the tyrants.

Regardless of the fact that we never made a big fuss over the 4th in the US, we do now that we’re here. I’m wearing my red white and blue with my flag scarf and listening to the USA spotify playlist. Steve’s wearing our american flag like a cape today to the office. And of course I baked.


4th of July cupcakes

Unfortunately my blue velvet cupcakes look more like gray/brown cupcakes, but they’re pretty yummy! I’ll post the recipie I used later this week.


I was given the nicest USA themed gift basket from my co-worker today to celebrate the 4th of July. Its full of yummy things like cookies, reese’s peanut butter, m&ms, beef jerky & patriotic oven mitts and apron!

I can’t wait to wear the apron this weekend at our 2nd annual 4th of July bbq!



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