Elevator of Death

One of the highlights of our Prague trip was seeing and using a paternoster elevator. These elevators – also called the Elevators of Death due to their history of being unsafe are becoming more and more rare. When I found out there was a working one in Prague I knew it was one of those now or never moments.

PaternosterIf you also want to annoy a number of locals at their place of work on a normal day when you visit Prague – I suggest going to Magistrat Hlavniho Mesta Prahy – Google Map RBS, its just accross the road. Its a big local government building so its not exactly a “tourist attraction” but thanks to their elevator I think they get a fair number of people walking in. I asked at information for the elevator and the gentleman sighed, half smiled and pointed us down the hall. I think he gets asked where it is a lot.

The elevator isn’t anything very exciting to look at, as people use it everyday to get from one floor to another, but knowing this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity to ride one we jumped in. I wasn’t brave enough to ride it all the way around but brave folks who do say the mechanism is really cool to see.

So not your traditional tourist attraction but its off the beaten path and its free – win in my book!


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