Sights and Sounds of Prague

After spending all day monday in a beer tent we decided we needed to make a point to see as much of the city as we could on Tuesday. Unfortunately the weather was against us – it was hot, much hotter then expected and rainy. Not a great combination for sightseeing in a walkable city. In spite of the weather we did see a number of famous sights.

When we travel I tend to be the one in charge of photography – with my phone and my Nikon but this trip Steve decided he wanted to use our GoPro Hero 4 to capture the sites. Unfortunately he decided this days before we left so I didn’t have time to order a handle for it – this you get fingers in most pictures.


Dancing House

The Dancing house is right on the river which meant we got a nice breeze while we stood with a throng of other people taking snaps of this odd shaped building. I didn’t find out until later that it’s a hotel and we could have gone inside. Next time!

Our next stop was recommended to us by a friend of mine back in the US – U Fleku. She and her husband lived in Germany a few years back and traveled to Prague. They told us we needed to stop by this brewery from the 1400s and try their dark lager. I am so glad we did – it was amazing! I can’t remember what we ate but it was delicious and the beer was light and refreshing despite it’s dark color.

After the brewery we walked back into the center of the city in hopes of exploring Charles Bridge – another free tourist favorite. Unfortunately our luck didn’t hold out and the blue skies from earlier that day turned grey and the we we’re soaked within minutes of being on the bridge.

Not having been smart enough to bring our raincoats that day we slunk off to find a dry spot to wait out the rain and came across the perfect place to cool off and stay dry. Yes – it’s a massive touristy gimmick but I’ve always wanted to go to an ice bar. There’s a famous one in London but at £16($20+) just to get in with one drink its not worth it in my mind. Prague Ice Pub charges 200CZK which at the time was about £4 – a pretty fair price for a drink and 20 minutes of selfies.


Astronomical Clock

After freezing for 20 minutes we walked around Prague city center, picked up our go to souvenir – Starbucks city and country mugs and made sure we got ourselves in front of the famous astrological clock for the display that happens every hour on the hour. As the time drew closer a huge hoard of tourists stood in the square looking at the clock waiting for the mechanical display. Right on the dot the bells rang and the saints circled around. This is one of those “must see” things that you only have to witness once. It’s more hype than anything else.

That evening we tried a few different spots for dinner but in true Ckz fashion if you don’t arrive early enough the small restaurants and pubs tend to run out of food. Thankfully we found Pivnice U Sadu, I can only describe it as a whole in the wall TGIFridays if that makes sense. The food was yummy and very traditional – like something your mom would make when you visit from college. Plenty of beers on tap and friendly wait staff who spoke excellent english. A real win after a long day.


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