Prague Beer Festival

One of our main reasons for visiting Prague when we did was it was the annual Czech beer festival and being “beeries” (foodies but for beer) we couldn’t pass up the chance. The Cesky Pivni Festival was held every day for about a month in May in a massive red and white striped tent just outside Praha 1, the main neighborhood in Prague.

cpf-fotky-02Steve and I were worried the tent would be super crowded on a Monday so we booked VIP tickets at the festival – meaning lovely waitresses got our beer and food for us as opposed to us getting it. Needless to say when we walked into the tent at 1pm on the monday we were surprised. It was empty. The VIP section had at least 50 long tables and only 3 people were seated in the area.

We could hear their american accents so we said hi and sat down at the next table over and of course we started chatting. What else do beer drinkers who are at a festival do when drinking pints of beer just after noon? Lucky they turned out to be really fun guys to chat with and they made our evening.


This is the only shot of our friends. Notice the Michigan shirt! Go Blue!

We stayed until about 10pm at which point Steve and I had both had approx 14 pints (almost 2 gallons) of beer each as well as a few local dishes (all our money couldn’t go to booze). The details on how we made it back to our hotel are a little fuzzy but I’m sure if I pull up my uber account I will see a $4 ride back to the hotel.

Unfortunately I didn’t get many snaps from the festival and the ones I have are blurry and make no sense but were probably funny at the time. I did get a snap of some of the yummy food we had.

Unfortunately I dont remember the names of the different beers we had or the breweries they were from but I do know if we find a cheap BA holiday we’ll be going back next year for more fun!



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