Prague – The City Of Beers

I’m about 90% sure that is not the tagline for this ancient city but today we’re just going to go with it because why not right? For Steve and I it was one big epic pub crawl – perfect sort of holiday in the heat!

Before I go any further with pictures of what we visits and recommendations of things to do and not to do I need to give a shout out to Honest Prague Guide. I found this youtube channel on a friend’s pinterest page and it was a total lifesaver! When we travel I always use my well worn copy of Lonely Planet’s Europe On A Shoestring. It’s the perfect mix of things that are inexpensive and yet still worth seeing. Plus its saved us a lot of money as we dont buy individual country travel books. But sometimes you wish you had a local to point you to the best spots you would miss since the book can only hold so much.

Thats where The HPG comes it – its a duo based in Prague who make informational videos for tourists on how to best spend their time visiting their amazing city. The videos explained how to take public transport from the airport to the city center (saving us about £30 in taxi fare). It covered the best places to eat for under £5, best place for a cheap beer (1 pint for less than $1) and alternatives to the super tourist spots. It does take awhile to watch all of them but it’s time well spent!

We lucked out with a great BA holiday – meaning we got our flight and our hotel together making them much cheaper than if we had booked them on our own. Our hotel Luxury Family Hotel Bila Labut a little ways away from the main tourist area but thanks to amazing public transit it took about 8 minutes to be right in the hub of things. We bought 3 day travel cards so we could take the subway, bus or street cars as much as we wanted. Very helpful and it worked out to be about $10 a day for the 2 of us. Occasionally we took ubers (when we were too drunk tired to navigate) and thanks to the great exchange rate we didn’t ever spend more than $5 a ride.

Our first meal in Prage was at Provaznice – an amazing and cheap Czk restaurant/pub just a few steps from Wenceslas Square – a major tourist attraction. Aside from cheap beer they had delicious food! We tried a few different things that looked good. Everything was amazing – I’d go as far to say it was the best place we ate as we went twice over our 4 day trip.


Beer cheese, garlic potato pancakes and more local cheese

We spent the rest of our Sunday wandering around Prague, getting lost, popping our heads into lots of little bars and student hangouts recommended by HPG. We didn’t do much “sight seeing” as we were pretty tired from our 4am wake up call, so we called it an early night.

Our first dinner in Prague wasn’t traditional Czech, but its a favorite of Steve’s and mine and its not available in Reading – Pho! We have to travel into London for it and thanks to health and safety its nothing like what we get at home with raw beef.

Remember Vietnam was just next door to our hotel which made it a super easy place to grab a bite. Steve’s head cold made it even more perfect – a bowl of pho is known to cure any and all colds!

It wasn’t the same as what we get back in the US, but it was still really good. I imagine when it’s cold and damp in Prague in the fall and winter this place is packed with people warming themselves with these giant and inexpensive bowls of soup!

I’ve got 3 more days of sights, sounds and tastes to tell you about! Stay tuned.


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