Is This Blog Any Good? You Cheddar Believe It!

One of the many things Steve and I have discovered since moving to the UK is the greek cheese – Halloumi. Its commonly known as squeaky cheese because you can hear it squeak when you chew it – I promise it’s not as weird as it sounds.

It not very expensive and it makes a great appetizer when you’re grilling out – also it can be used to make a burger for a vegetarian. You can fry it – I don’t though. I like the grill marks and the crunch it gives. It’s not a melty cheese, it keeps its shape and firmness even when cooked. cheese.jpg








We got this brand from Aldi – not sure if it’s available in the US but keep an eye out for it. I imagine places like Whole Foods or stores with cheese counters would carry it – or if you know of a local greek or mediterranean place.

Now get out there and get your grill on!




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