2017 Reading Beer Festival

This bank holiday weekend Steve and I went to the annual Reading Beer Festival which is walking distance from our new house! This is the 3rd year we’ve gone. It was the first thing we ever did when we first moved here.

Pictures from our first Reading Beer Festival


2016 Glass

Last year we went with some of Steve’s coworkers which was really fun. It was the first time we went on Saturday which meant it was crazy busy!

This year we stuck to Sunday drinking – less busy, and just as much fun. We had pretty good weather aka it didn’t pour rain. I found a beer called Schiller which is my last name for any readers who don’t know. It was pretty good – but unfortunately even after showing my ID I didn’t get it for free. Lame!

I got more photos of Steve and I at the festival as well as our friends Ed & Jess but unfortunately they’re on the GoPro and I haven’t gotten them off the SD card. I promise to add them later.

I’m really excited to tell all you lovely readers that Steve and I are headed to another amazing beer festival in just 12 days!

Image result for prague beer festival may 2017

2017 Prague Beer Festival

Are any of my readers beer people?


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