Summer Dessert

Now that it’s finally warming up (not here in the UK but I imagine its beautiful in other parts of the world) Steve and I like to get our grill on. And when I say Steve and I, I mean me. I am the grill master of our house. I prep the food, grill it and serve it because I am a grillin’ badass good hostess.


The veggies I grilled on Saturday

Since its too nice to be cooped up inside cooking with a hot oven I like to make dessert on the grill to save clean up and impress the guests! Grilled fruit is one of my favorite things. In Georgia I would grill peaches all the time. If you haven’t tried it – do. So amazing! Make a bourbon simple syrup and pour over peaches and ice cream. Hello heaven in your mouth.

Since peaches


Love my gri

aren’t a thing here, or their not in season (sad I know) I like to grill pineapple. I bought a massive one at Costco (yes we have Costco) and chop it up and toss it on the grill for a summer treat.


If it’s super cold. which happens when the sun goes down, sometimes I grill them in the house on our cast iron skillet – hello best £20 I ever spent!


No mint on this one

Once they’re nice and grilled – must have the grill lines, I toss them in glasses to look fancy and if I have a sprig of mint I put that on top.

Of course, what goes perfect with grilled fruit? Fresh, hand whipped cream! I just put double/heavy cream in a bowl and whip it till it’s just firm, sprinkle in sugar to taste and serve it with any and all fruit. So yummy!

Do you have a favorite summer dessert? Anything out of the ordinary you like to grill? Let me know in the comments!




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