Oh The Beer Of It All

Steve and I like beer.

A more accurate statement would be that we love beer. Good beer. No more Natty Light or BudLite for us. We appreciate beer like people appreciate wine. We collect it, we drink it and we brew it. So it makes sense our holidays often revolve around beer.

Here in the UK there is something called a Booze Cruise where folks in the UK go over to mainland europe to stock up on good alcohol (buy from the source saves money). We take this concept a little further – we make a holiday out of it.

This last trip we did some shopping in Germany & Belgium for our favorite liquid gold.

In Aachen we hit our favorite liquor store to stock up on the basics, with a few fun mixed crates of samples. This last trip we filled 2 shopping carts with beer!


Steve with our first cart of beer in Germany

We also go to a discounted grocery store in Belgium to get some every day beer and well as some specialty items – along with some snacks for me because I love belgian food!

After all this shopping our car looks and drives more like a van then an SUV, but it’s so worth it.

IMG_0523[1]Now that we’re home all our beer is in our dining room (hello crate decor) while we sort out the house, get some in the fridge and move the rest out to the shed.

We don’t really buy souvenirs, because all we need is good beer!

Prost to all of you – raise a glass of the good stuff tonight!




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